Saturday, September 29, 2012

Two years later and...

Well hello there...Is this thing on? Anyway if you are out there and are reading this its been a whopping two years since I lost 51 pounds and how am I doing? Well on the up side I've managed to keep 30 pounds at bay, but I have gained just about 20 pounds back. I've also endured many changes in my life, most of which are extremely positive! I got divorced (long story short after 5 years together he refused to get off the crazy train), remarried a childhood friend who has loved me for 17 years and is truly the man of my dreams and treats my kiddos like his own, moved back to Vegas (never saw that one coming), I'm back in active ministry, working full time, 24 credits away from my B.A. in psychology, and tired of this weight!!!! So what have I decided to do about it? Well starting tomorrow I'm embarking on another HCG journey. It really helped me lose 51 pds in a short period of time, I'm a believer! I know that with hard work (mildly-moderately working out an hour a day), following the protocol, the support of my husband, and my intrinsic desire to get it done already, I CAN DO THIS!!!! I'm no fool, this is NOT a permanent weight loss solution (eh-hem, Charlette), but just like before it will kick start my weight loss journey and so...let the journey begin! I'll keep you posted. WISH ME LUCK!! <3

Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 2010

Hey sports fans...welcome to the game that is my life lol. So it has been a while since I posted, I know shame on me. Life has definitely been a roller coaster ride of emotions. I was on the road for 5 weeks, a 41 hour greyhound ride to CA for 2 weeks of ministry, 9 hours on another greyhound to Vegas, 2 weeks in Vegas to visit family and to get my daughter who had been there for bible camp and a church internship. I was also in Vegas to help my mom try to save her condo, but a couple of days before I was supposed to go home, my step father passed away. It was then a frantic race to try and raise money to bury him because he didn't have life insurance, fix his old car in order to drive to Chicago, help my mom with all the arrangements and then drive back home to Texas...all of this while still in school and trying to make sure my sons were taken care of back home because my husband was on a field assignment with his military unit. Needless to say STRESSFUL!!!! The good news?? I still managed to lose weight, in fact I have officially become a runner. No, you won't see me in any marathons anytime soon, but I'm a runner just the same.

Down to the nitty gritty...
I now weigh in at 185 pounds and my measurements are 38-39-40, but I've gained a whole lot of muscle, my cellulite has literally disappeared and my skin is so smooth I can't remember when it looked so good. I eat more mixed raw vegetables than a wild rabbit and drink enough water to drown a fish lol. I run for 25-35 minutes a day and walk at a fast pace for a remainder of 20-15 minutes. I do light weights to tone and strengthen. I have a lot going on, but I'm doing the dang thing and plan on being at my goal weight by mid October. Until then.

God Bless!
P.S. That's a total of 51 pounds and over 26 inches total. ;-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Results from March 22nd to April 22nd

So the grand total of weight loss from March 22nd to April 22nd is, drum roll please... 35 pounds!!!! I'm now 200 pounds even. Okay so I would have lost more, but when I went on my missions trip for four days I cheated. But really, come on, 35 pounds in 30 days is still really awesome!!

I've lost more inches too (I'm now 40DDD-40-41.5 bad, bad, baby gut) and feel great physically. HCG has absolutely worked for me. Anyone who doesn't believe or is skeptical about HCG needs to zip it lol. I still have more weight to lose, but I also have a couple more days of HCG to take and then even when I'm done with the drops I will continue to eat right the way I have been and exercise moderately. (keep in mind I lost this 35 pounds w/out exercise)

I'm thrilled, I haven't been the weight I am now in YEARS!! I can't wait until I reach my goal weight of 150 - 160. I figure by the end June I should be pretty darn close. ;-)

Happy weight loss all!! If I can do it you can too.

God Bless,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a difference...

WOW, okay my last post was in December and man what a difference a couple months can make! I was doing great, exercising, eating better, slowly continuing to lose the weight and then the s**t hit the fan. My husband and I lost our car in January, we moved on post and because this is the largest military instillation OCONUS and CONUS we we're pretty much S.O.L. at least as far as transportation was concerned.

We've been relying on the friends we have here to get us where we need to be, but there aren't any gyms close by (there went my two hour a day regime) and walking as a workout can only go so far. I tried the P90X workout and found it to cumbersome, it has 12 different CD's.

Any who February came and there I was again at 235 pounds, YUCK!! I refused to be defeated!! I have a naturally bigger frame, SO WHAT!! That doesn't mean I've ever been one to sit on the couch and eat ho ho's and bon bon's all day. There is NOTHING wrong with a naturally curvy frame, but the norm for my body type is a 160 pounds not 235. So what did I do???? I stopped the excuses and stopped letting the stress of my situation get to me. I scrounged up my little pennies and bought a product that I've researched for the past almost four years, HCG!! So far I'm so glad I did.

I started the HCG protocol this past Monday (yes it took me some time to get started this stuff isn't cheap) and on Friday a friend of ours brought over a scale (no we don't have our own scale, said isn't it lol) I hesitantly got on not knowing what to expect although I could feel some changes in my body, I told my hubby to look for me, "WOW" he exclaimed, I immediately assumed he was toying with my delicate emotions lol, but he wasn't!! TEN pounds in one week!! Let me repeat TEN pounds in one week!!!!!! This stuff is like liquid crack in a bottle lol, but much healthier.

Now of course it's no miracle cure for fat, you have a strict diet to follow and you have to drink 67 oz of water and or natural tea a day, but I haven't been able to exercise and I've still lost the weight. Please don't get me wrong, when we get another car, which will be very soon, I'll be right back in the gym working my tuckus off, or at least making it tighter lol.

I know I promised to keep a monthly blog about this, but now I mean it, I'm so stoked and motivated. You should read some of the success stories, they're amazing! I can't wait to see how much I weigh in at the end of the 45 days. (which is the maximum you can take it for without taking a break from it.) Well, continue to wish me luck. Oh by the way as of this Friday I'm 214 pounds. My measurements are now 42DDD-42-43. As you can see my baby gut is my most troublesome area, but that's going away, quickly!!

Until next time, ciao!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Weight loss goals December 2009

On December 21st, 2009 I weigh in at 224 pounds having lost 12 pounds. When I started working out 3 months ago I weighed 236 pounds and my measurements were 44-48-52. I am now 42-46-48.

My goal is to be 150 pounds by June 2010 which means I have to lose an additional 74 pounds, God help me!! I’m eating right and exercising like crazy, but I definitely need to step up my game. My friend Maurice said he’s going to give me P90X which will catapult my weight loss, but we’ll see.

On average I’m losing 4 pounds a month, definitely not enough, I hate having an endomorph body type, but God gave it to me for a reason so……I deal with it.

The plan is to lose at least 8 pounds a month from now on, I won’t reach my goal by June, but I’ll be another 56 pounds lighter by then. (168 pounds) I'll be updating with new pics and info every month. Wish me luck!