Monday, December 21, 2009

Weight loss goals December 2009

On December 21st, 2009 I weigh in at 224 pounds having lost 12 pounds. When I started working out 3 months ago I weighed 236 pounds and my measurements were 44-48-52. I am now 42-46-48.

My goal is to be 150 pounds by June 2010 which means I have to lose an additional 74 pounds, God help me!! I’m eating right and exercising like crazy, but I definitely need to step up my game. My friend Maurice said he’s going to give me P90X which will catapult my weight loss, but we’ll see.

On average I’m losing 4 pounds a month, definitely not enough, I hate having an endomorph body type, but God gave it to me for a reason so……I deal with it.

The plan is to lose at least 8 pounds a month from now on, I won’t reach my goal by June, but I’ll be another 56 pounds lighter by then. (168 pounds) I'll be updating with new pics and info every month. Wish me luck!

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