Saturday, September 29, 2012

Two years later and...

Well hello there...Is this thing on? Anyway if you are out there and are reading this its been a whopping two years since I lost 51 pounds and how am I doing? Well on the up side I've managed to keep 30 pounds at bay, but I have gained just about 20 pounds back. I've also endured many changes in my life, most of which are extremely positive! I got divorced (long story short after 5 years together he refused to get off the crazy train), remarried a childhood friend who has loved me for 17 years and is truly the man of my dreams and treats my kiddos like his own, moved back to Vegas (never saw that one coming), I'm back in active ministry, working full time, 24 credits away from my B.A. in psychology, and tired of this weight!!!! So what have I decided to do about it? Well starting tomorrow I'm embarking on another HCG journey. It really helped me lose 51 pds in a short period of time, I'm a believer! I know that with hard work (mildly-moderately working out an hour a day), following the protocol, the support of my husband, and my intrinsic desire to get it done already, I CAN DO THIS!!!! I'm no fool, this is NOT a permanent weight loss solution (eh-hem, Charlette), but just like before it will kick start my weight loss journey and so...let the journey begin! I'll keep you posted. WISH ME LUCK!! <3

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